Are you yearning to live a more joy-filled, meaningful, and peaceful life?

Do you wish to explore what ignites your heart and sparks your soul?

Do you have a writing or editing project that needs an expert eye to make it flow or ready for publication?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have found yourself at the right site!

Debra helps women and men to ignite the power of their full self-expression! She works with those who desire to transition to whatever is next on their journey or who desire a more satisfied life that makes a difference.

“Debra Valentina’s HeartIgnited® process is brilliant! It’s both opening and focused – a simple, gentle and fun way to discover my dreams, both professionally and personally, and ease them in to reality. It’s an insightful life changing experience that has helped me greatly with living the life I’ve always wanted.”

Jan Hovey, Public Relations

The HeartIgnited® Approach

HeartLogo-Faviconn Guides you from confusion to clarity
HeartLogo-Faviconn Provides a structure for authentic success and liberation
HeartLogo-Faviconn Leaves you with optimism and vitality

And comes with a promise that you will experience fun in the process!

A lighthearted guide who allows your own inner wisdom to emerge, Debra empowers you to balance all the important aspects of your life and to discover what truly ignites your heart. She illuminates the way for new choices and practical action steps to be revealed. Debra gently navigates the release of fears and limiting beliefs in order to manifest what you most desire in your life.

Debra has been a healthcare executive, entrepreneur, and life consultant for over 29 years. Debra’s coaching practice is grounded by the depth and breadth of her real-world experience and highly developed intuition.

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